Sooo… my MIA-ness…

Yeah, so about me being MIA for like, a decently long time…

When I started this blog, I was in Ireland for an internship abroad. Which was super cool. But then I got really busy with that, and being a tourist on the side, and sleeping, and then I came home to the States and had like 2 weeks to get unpacked and repacked to come back to college. And now school has started and I work and I’m busy. So I’m gonna try to set up a pseudo-regular schedule for bloggifying my life and thoughts and junk, but again with the inability to commit myself to anything I set out to do, so we’ll see. I’ll try. Maybe… Sundays? Mondays? Saturdays? Fridays? I’m not sure. I’ll try to keep anyone who may or may not be following this posted.

Stay classy, my friends.


Yo dawgs, say words here. Ya know, if you want.

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