Deutsch Deutsch Deutsch

This is my whole life in German right now. Why does German grammar have to be so difficult?!?!

Addicted to All Things Foreign

My love for the German language is powerful, and there’s no better feeling than spending my evening drinking tea and learning new German words and phrases. But sometimes, I just want to rip my hair out and cry when I don’t understand situations around me. When conversations are too fast paced, and detailed for my attention span or vocabulary I can’t seem to escape the feeling of stupidity and aggravation.


At the same time, nothing pushes me harder to learn more, than this feeling. 

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One thought on “Deutsch Deutsch Deutsch

  1. My lovely wife is a Naturalized Citizen from Germany.

    When we first got together several years ago I decided how thoughtful it would be to learn German in order to communicate with my loved one in her native tongue.

    After a few weeks, I realized that my 50 plus year old Texan brain just was not getting it.

    She told me just to stick with “ich spreche nich gut Deutsch” and that she loves me anyway.

    Fair enough.

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