Hey! Welcome to my new blog. My name is Elizabeth, and I’m an almost 21-year-old college student in Ohio, USA.  I like reading, writing, listening to music, puppies, my boyfriend, and debating politics. I’m a pretty avid feminist (as 90% of the men and some of the women run away), but I’m not one of those take-over-society, man-hating feminists, and I am indeed straight and would not kill my future children in the name of overthrowing the patriarchy. I am a strong proponent of the idea that going off the deep end and taking things to the extreme actually fixes nothing because people then take you AND the rest of the movement as a joke. Thereby giving the feminist movement most of its problems today. But anyway, back to me. I’m generally pretty liberal in the politics department, although again with the extremists. I have met conservatives with whom I am decently good friends, but they’re not extremist conservatives either. I actually like friendly debates with them, because there are different viewpoints, so there’s actually something to debate, but there’s also common ground as well as a mutual understanding of not trying to change each others’ views or anything, so nobody gets offended. Long story short, extremists suck.

That said, I am pretty opinionated. This is a place where my opinions will be voiced from time to time, and if you’re offended by my opinions, feel free to not read. I’m okay with that. I frequently stop in the middle of reading things that offend me, but if you do the same, I challenge you to try to take a breath and then ask yourself why it offended you. Is it because I have a different opinion than you? That’s kind of immature.  I have just as much right to my opinion as you have to yours, and while you are allowed to be offended, it’s not the best reason to feel that way. Not to say emotions are logical. Are you perhaps offended because I may have gotten facts incorrect? Let me know! If I’m misquoting things or citing things incorrectly or if I provide false information, I want to know.  I don’t want to put stuff on the internet that isn’t true (there’s enough of that already).

I am also a huge nerd. I like reading, I like learning, I like musicals and music and random facts and language. The power of language is immense. Grammar and spelling are important to me, I am what some would call a Grammar Nazi, I am learning German, and I want to learn other languages later on. This will also be a place where I post nerdy stuff. You know, to break up the political posts a little with some light-hearted awesomeness.

I consider myself a Nerdfighter. Go to YouTube and search vlogbrothers if you don’t know what that means.

I am super in to doing stuff for charities, especially when it costs me no additional time or money to help. ‘Nuff said. Also  I’ll also be posting some stuff about cool charities here.

Basically the whole point of this blog is to get all my thoughts out, and if people actually start reading it regularly and like what I have to say, that’s just a bonus.

I would like to put a DISCLAIMER here: I may or may not use some, erm, colorful language here. I get emotionally invested in things, and an f-bomb gets dropped here and there.  No carpet-bombing, or at least not much, but one or two here and there as needed in order to express my feelings.  For this reason, this blog, at times, may or may not be rated at least PG-13. Just use your discretion. If you don’t want your children repeating the words or asking you what they mean, don’t let them read. If you are offended by such language, I’m not offended by you not reading.

Anywho, hopefully this little experiment of mine will work out. I’m not always good at sticking with projects, so we’ll see how this goes.

~Elizabeth ❤